Save time and effort, make more money

Our Training Vault customers have seen 90% Year over Year (YoY) Growth, had 80% reduction in staff effort for course library management, increased LMS capability and reach by 600% to over 130 countries.

Training Vault makes distributing content easy

Training Vault has been tested on 100's of LMSs, delivered to over 160 countries. You can configure the course player experience to your course's needs, your customer needs and more.

Why it's hard to distribute an e-learning course to many LMSs

Not all LMSs are the same. Each seem to have their own proprietary way of doing things, including their conformance to well documented e-learning standards, AICC, SCORM 1.2/2004, xAPI, cmi5, and LTI, SCORM being the most notable.

Many LMSs only support one or two of the e-learning standards and only to a certain extent but the truth is most LMSs are not conformant. The tiny differences found in each proprietary LMS make it hard to use the same course package for multiple LMSs. Also, many LMSs use a third party adapter like our Simple SCORM LMS Adapter (SSLA) or Rustici SCORM engine to support SCORM, so their LMS cannot run a report on all of the SCORM and most recently xAPI information that the course reported.

The result is that your SCORM content will "play" on the LMS but all you get back from the LMS is a completion, maybe a score, and maybe time spent, but often a completion is all you get from the LMS. Most LMSs cannot provide the report of the important evaluation data you instrumented within your learning content using the e-learning standard. We have solved these problems and more with Training Vault.

Gather insights about your content across your entire learner population

When you give a course package to your customer to load on their LMS, you get zero information back as to how the content was consumed, zero evaluation data, and zero information about the amount of users. When you give your content to your customer you are essentially putting it into a black hole.

In today's big data world the more contextual interaction data you can get back from your e-learning the better. Training Vault removes the black hole from your learning content business. What is more, you can control the access to your content in a variety of ways.

How do we share your courses to every LMS?

Training Vault is invisible to your customers. We use stubs to allow any LMS (or other environment including mobile) to remote view your content. Stubs are essentially a thin package in a specific e-learning standard (SCORM 1.2, 2004, xAPI, etc.)

Think of Stubs as being built like a 3-legged stool: Courses (Content) have Licenses and Access Tokens. Using this model, Training Vault provides a clear user experience that makes it easy for you to administer, manage your courses, and distribute them in a variety of different ways.

Bring your own business model

No two customers want to buy in the same way. We have customers who are using TV to support multiple licensing strategies to serve their customers. Training Vault allows you to distribute your courses in a variety of ways. Using the License counting model, you can customize your own sales and reporting approach as you extend your reach into learning content markets and customers. You can use seat count to provide unlimited access or control the access by setting a fixed amount of seats. You can also control or monitor access to your content using; Per-course enrollments, Per-category enrollments, Opens / Launches.

Branding for you and for your customers

Published courses are notoriously hard to brand. TV allows you to custom brand the beginning of the course experience in a variety of ways. You can use a lead in page branded to the organization. Training Vault supports techniques to capture registration information (gather data), a special compliance message, allow users to make language selection, display customer-specific logos, provide LMS instructions, and more. Your customers are proud of their culture and brand and it is easy to provide branding for your customers without needing to change the course itself.

Invisible to the end user

Training Vault delivers your course content with your branding, not ours. You can also embed the training into your customer's experience. The content in the red box below is being delivered from Training Vault.

Version control for your courses

In many cases, the latest version of the course is not that much different from the last version. With Training Vault, you can upload the latest version or maintain multiple versions of the course without having to re-distribute stubs. This helps deal with annual content renewal pains. You can have a separate "Version" for every package you upload, move learners from versions independently from other learners. All versions can be active at once. Student records can be Reset, Rolled forward, or Bucketed between versions.

Reporting features

Training Vault comes with a robust built in reporting system - What is reported to the LMS gets reported to you. When the standards used on the stub and remote LMS match, you get better data flow.
When they don't, the stub still works and can provide high level data passthrough (completion, score, etc.). The stub may be providing more data than the remote LMS can report on. You can still get that data reported back to Training Vault. Slice and dice your usage data and generate reports, export to xls or csv.

You can also use Training Vault's open APIs to automate and share data to your organizational BI tools, and provide real-time updates to performance dashboards and data visualizations. Training Vault reporting can also manage each license separately. Accurate reporting allows you to immediately scale your contracts or understand billable events if usage is exceeded.

What if there isn't an LMS?

No LMS? No Problem. You can embed Training Vault in any web/mobile application. Technically speaking it is a low-effort secure handshake and we use web-hooks and APIs to get learner data.

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